16 Things Atheists Need Christians to Know

For the first time ever, I’ve posted a “guest essay” to the IAmAnAtheist web site. 16 Things Atheists Need Christians to Know is an entertaining little rant that I’m hoping cranky atheists will find cathartic.

I thought it was enjoyable, and I’m sure that the fact that I’m related to the author in no way influenced my decision to publish it on the site.

If you have any comments on the piece or would like to send a message to its author, Deborah Markus, please feel free to do so in this thread’s comments.

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  1. Written by NFQ
    on September 8, 2011 at 9:03 am
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    This cranky atheist liked it a lot. :) Well done, Deborah. Now, if we can only get all the Christians to read it!

  2. Written by Ray
    on September 17, 2011 at 11:24 am
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    Great article! It addresses so many pet peeves of mine about the way religionists talk about atheists. It especially pisses me off that US media *always* says “so-and-so claims to be an atheist”. It’s like they think “he only thinks he’s an atheist, but we know better, we know he’s just angry at god.”

    Another thing that always annoy me is when some cute little christian comes up with something that he thinks is a sure-fire knock-em-dead argument that will convince everyone who hears it that his god exists, and he’s blind to the fact that it’s actually an incredibly lame and pathetic argument. Here’s an example from the blog of a theology student: “I mean, if people can be innocent until proven guilty, then surely God can exist until proven otherwise?” I’d love to see this guy’s reaction if someone said: “Shouldn’t we give Quetzlcoatl the benefit of the doubt, and believe in him until he is proven not to exist?”

    Here’s a piece of friendly advice for christians: if you think you have a winning argument for the existence of your god, substitute the name of some other god that you don’t believe in, and ask yourself if the argument suddenly sounds silly to you. If so, then your original argument sounds silly to us.

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