An intelligence adjacent to God

From the feedback form:

You have met an intelligence next to God. You can take this opportunity to explore my arrogance and eloquent expression.

Also from the feedback form, a few minutes later, from the same person:

I can and will contradict anything you say. Blog Away. If I am updated, I often have no regard for the internet, aside from Masturbation and self love. HA! I suggest, if you do not wish to spin as retarded as the earth, which is retarded to the star, sun, which is retarded to our milkyway, open that irregular mind. I not hate, but full of love and glory. HA! Blog away. Notify me, I LOVE BEIONG MY BRAIN!

Wow — an arrogant, eloquent intelligence that’s next to God. Neat. After just reading your first paragraph, I’ve learned that being next to God doesn’t automatically grant one even minimal coherence, so thanks for that.

It appears you either want to have a conversation or don’t know to avoid using the computer when high or both. Okay. It also appears that you are attempting to challenge me by saying you will contradict anything I say. To paraphrase the argument clinic, that isn’t an argument, it’s just contradiction.

Even so, I’m game — if only to see just how clever you really are.

Here’s my statement: My name isn’t Hildegarde.

Your turn — contradict me!

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  1. Written by the sower
    on September 7, 2011 at 7:27 pm
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    I would like to enlighten those who do not believe in God by explaining that we are all GODS Psalms 82.

    Jesus called those who were going to stone him GODS in jhon 10:30.

    After eating the adam and eve ate the apple God mentions to someone that man has become as one of us “gods”, knowing good from evil.

    We were made in his image and likeness.

    We are not the CREATOR but WE ARE CREATORS.

    The only reason we call god GOD is because he made us, now is it not true that we are creating everything from sheeps to designer babies ??

    The truth is that the word GOD has caused all the worlds problems and only because we have been missled into interpreting the Bible literally instead of symbolicly.

    For more information on the subject visit my website

    It’s in spanish so use google translator

    Please respond to me via email

  2. Written by eon
    on September 8, 2011 at 8:48 am
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    I suspect the original feedback was written by Cleverbot or (more likely) a less-able computer program. It’s almost entirely incoherent! Well, perhaps it takes being high on drugs to write something that odd.

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