Morality, Hell, and rambling

I received this message via e-mail:

God uses Hell in the same way. If it was not for Hell, then there would be no punishment for many sins and people would try to get away with everything. Can you tell me why an atheist would be moral, other than accidentally or just feeling like it, without fear of Hell?

Hell: Figment of Human Imagination

Punishment: You cannot blame the sky or paranoia.

Sin: After figuring out what we did wrong, will we as one person, or a group do it again?

Try: To attempt to distance from laziness.

Why: Only lack of experience is a fools reason to ask of this exact three letters.

Can Somebody: Yes!

Moral: Once you stop caring you will loose your humanity that we worked so hard to develop. Unless of course you are a hitler and just a shit crappy person, god or no god.

Accidentally: Random

Feeling: Bodies and brains are composed chemically of magnetic charges.

Hell: It’s good not to go in complete circles. Ellipses are kewl.

Followed a few minutes later by this one:

The universe in essence, is magnetic. K bai. Seriously. Draining. K bai.

The only question I saw in here was about why atheists would be moral without fear of Hell. The simple answer is that there are many reasons an atheist should be moral. For example, it can be demonstrated logically that being moral is the right thing to do. Also, there are pragmatic reasons to be moral, since morality can bring with it many rewards (without the risks associated with the rewards of immorality).

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  1. Written by Kiera
    on September 30, 2011 at 1:32 am
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    another reason for an atheist to be “Moral” in this day and age is because most of what is immoral is aginst the law.

    Laws are near completely based on “Morals” of mostly Christianity. Sex being taboo? Catholicism. Gays aren’t allowed to marry? Or even exist up until the mid 1900’s according to some laws, as butt-sex was illegal. That’s Christianity there.

    Things were pretty simple back in Roman times. the rules there were less be moral and more have good qualities. Strength, courage, wisdom, honour, that sort of thing. yet there WERE still laws. it wasn’t a matter of going to heaven or hell, it was a matter of going to jail, being banished, exiled, or at worst, killed.

  2. Written by ff42
    on October 1, 2011 at 9:34 am
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    Why don’t I initiate force (murder, rape, theft) or fraud against others? Because I don’t want others to initiate force/fraud against me. It is so I can live peacefully with others and them with I.

  3. Written by Debbie
    on October 2, 2011 at 5:00 pm
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    Aristotle delved into why one should behave morally – WITHOUT bringing God or religion into it. If you’re interested in that type of thing, I’d suggest reading his Nicomachean Ethics (it’s very lengthy, fair warning).

    Essentially, he says in order to be Happy, one has to be Virtuous – that virtue, as the above poster mentioned in passing, can be courage, honor, wisdom, etc., but it cannot be in “excess or defect” (too much or too little) – such things lead to unhappiness.

    If you steal, for example, you are unhappy – you worry that someone will catch you, that you will be imprisoned, or if you have a psychological defect that causes you to be addicted to theft (kleptomania), you are never happy because you’re looking for your next “high.” If you do not steal, though, you would be quiet with happiness – neither desiring to steal nor fearing punishment for stealing.

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