Problem of the hair-trigger friend (follow-up)

I received the following follow-up to this post:

I talked to her today, it didn’t work out, she ended up saying I chose not to believe in God and Im a bad person for it. She then said I just piss her off and walked off. Im so mad right now, I dont really want to be friends with someone who thinks Im a bad person so I guess it worked out for the better. Thank you for the advice though.

It sounds like this was a lost cause, but you gave it your best shot and that’s what’s important.

Personally, I think that someone this closed minded is so pathetic that she’s not even worth being mad about. I feel sorry for her; her pride in her ignorance has cost her both a friendship and a chance to learn. Anyone who would so willingly give up either is a fool.

Now go and make some real friends.

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