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 IAmAnAtheist » Problems with Darwin

Problems with Darwin

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form:

It’s completely laughable how much atheists s**t all over themselves making excuses for not believing in God. The second that Darwin came up with evolution, the atheists rushed to join the club because with evolution there is no need for any God but determinism. You have to ignore so much evidence to believe in evolution that it’s plain as day that it’s all just an excuse.

Darwin was a despicable character, too. He flopped out of divinical school and declared himself a scientist even though he had no degree at all in science of any kind. Then he stole the idea for evolution from his father who was a known alcoholic and used it to excuse his Godless lifestyle and that of others. He originally, for example, came up with evolution so that he could sail around the world for free while doing his “research” (really just collecting souvenirs from the exotic places he visited). Will you even admit any of the hundreds of things that Darwin got wrong like saying that whales evolved from bears, or are you rushing around trying to put together one of your “evolution stories” so that it looks like he was right “again”? Even Darwin admitted that some things couldn’t have possibly evolved, like eyes. It is widely believed that he finally gave up the lie on his death bed because he couldn’t keep the secret any longer, but no matter what the reason was for his recantation, it didn’t save him from Hell and believing in him won’t save you from Hell.

Scientists (“scientists”) today are not better. They claim that dinosaurs lived hundreds of millions of years ago which is impossible due to the evidence, and then try to back it up with carbon dating that is based on a theory that is nothing but the logical fallacy of circular reasoning. In hundreds of years of hunting fossils, archaeologists and anthropologists have never uncovered a single transitional fossil even though Darwin “predicted” that there were be huge numbers of them (the Bible warns against false prophets). Every fossil ever found to date has been a complete creature ready and able to live in its natural place with no sign that it is straining or transitioning to some other animal. Darwinists still believe that every embryo shifts through all the shapes of the “ancestor” creatures that are lower on the biology tree than it, even though with modern camera techniques we know for a certainty that this is not the case. You won’t let the textbooks be updated with this new information though, will you? If it weren’t for the conspiracy among Darwinist scientists to expel or keep silent dissenting voices, this would be well known.

You can also tell that evolution is false because scientists keep changing it. If it was right, why would they keep changing the story? Dinosaurs are extinct? Dinosaurs don’t fly? Dinosaurs are birds? Make up your mind!

Other parts of evolution like the “Big Bang” are equally laughable. Atheists think that at one point there was nothing, not even time, but that suddenly everything appeared in a big explosion without any reason in a one-time event that has no relation to anything we have ever experienced, and they think that this makes more sense than the universe having a cause. So tell me, atheists, how do you explain the fact that this “Big Bang” created oceans, trees, and mountains when experience teaches us that explosions only destroy things, not create them? Dynamight doesn’t put up bridges. You can’t stick a firecracker up your ass, light it, and expect it to explode you a new tail. Atomic bombs didn’t replace Herosmima with a shiny new city. It’s stupid to even think so.

In science, a law is something that is shown by evidence, while a theory is someone’s speculation of what might be the reason for the evidence. The theory of evolution violates all the laws of thermodynamics, including the Conservation of Entropy which rules that entropy can never be destroyed but only created, but evolution would destroy entropy. The only exception to this law would be divine intervention, but Darwinists won’t even acknowledge that possibility.

Even if we pretend that evolution is true, it is false within itself because it contains so many impossibilities. How do you explain that there were a few tiny organisms with just a few cells and then suddenly in the Cambrian Explosion all the types of animals we know today appeared basically overnight? How can mindless creatures like insects and bugs figure out what they need to “evolve” into? If males of a species evolved, how would they reproduce until females evolved? How can mutations create new creatures when mutations are always harmful? If creatures evolve then where does the new information in their genes come from? If evolution really happens, why have we never seen it? There’s much crowing about how many genes humans and chimps have in common, but if all life comes from the same place and then evolved, shouldn’t humans share most of their genes with a banana, too? If humans all evolved their abilities and there is no supernatural, then how did Jesus evolve the ability to walk on water and raise the dead? How can you explain consciousness when consciousness exists separate from physical bodies? When there are so many possibilities, what are the odds that humans would just happen to have evolved to be able to breathe the exact kind of air and need the exact kind of food found on Earth? It doesn’t make a bit of sense.

Darwinism is also morally void. “Survival of the fittest” implies that the creature that wins is best, which implies “might makes right.” So of course atheists think that the winner of a battle is superior and the loser deserves to lose. This is why atheists so often turn to the police and court systems to try and force their beliefs on Christians, because they think that if they win in court it proves that they are “naturally” correct. It also explains why so many atheists think it is only natural to kill “less evolved” humans. Darwinists also think that humans are “just animals” and unimportant (we kill and eat animals all the time). This is where we get genocide, abortion, forced sterilization, concentration camps, corrupt government, terrorism, Islam, and mass murder. I know that it’s an online joke to mention Hitler, but “Hitler.”

There’s much more where this came from if you care to look. Grow up or die.

It’s difficult for me to know how to respond to a message like this. Frankly, it is so riddled with errors and misstatements (I’d be hard pressed to find a single significant sentence that doesn’t have something wrong with it) that I’m suspicious it might be a hoax. On the other hand, I’ve certainly met and read religious people who had these ideas, and there are plenty of sorely misinformed folks out there.

The message didn’t come with a valid e-mail address, so I can’t ask the author to verify his or her sincerity or try to engage in a discussion. For that reason — and because I think it would take a book-length posts to address all the problems in this message — I’m not going to touch it.

If any of you want to try a hand at counting how many logical fallacies and errors of fact it contains, though, I’d be very interested to know what you come up with.

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  1. Written by Kiera
    on October 19, 2011 at 8:01 pm
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    At first glance, the number totals 33,472 errors. Then again, that’s an estimate, so it might be well under what is actually there.

    Simple way to answer this though: If you don’t understand something it’s impossible to argue about it. Every point you raise can be flicked away by someone who understands more about the topic and doesn’t see the problems you do.

  2. Written by Nathan
    on October 19, 2011 at 9:39 pm
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    That was good for a giggle, thanks for posting it

  3. Written by Joakim Rosqvist
    on October 20, 2011 at 3:24 am
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    Found some true statements!

    “Dynamight doesn’t put up bridges”

    “[scientists] claim that dinosaurs lived hundreds of millions of years ago”

    “we kill and eat animals all the time”

    “There’s much more where this came from if you care to look”

  4. Written by Simon
    on November 13, 2011 at 12:09 am
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    This is how some Christians think of us. why won’t they love us? I don’t love Hitler. I love puppies and babies.

  5. Written by Kayle
    on December 10, 2011 at 7:00 pm
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    I think it’s a hoax purely because he asked “[W]hat are the odds that humans would just happen to have evolved to be able to breathe the exact kind of air and need the exact kind of food found on Earth?”

    And then the very next line, he brings up survival of the fittest. They are just placed too well to be real.

  6. Written by Anonymous
    on December 17, 2011 at 11:28 pm
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    Well, here are the glaring errors, in order:
    -The claim that there is no evidence for evolution is obviously false.
    -The claim that Darwin was uneducated (he scored 10th of over 150 in getting his divinity degree, and though he didn’t get a science degree, he did a degree in medicine and was a member of scientific societies).
    -Erasmus Darwin was Charles’s grandfather, and he only speculated about the idea. Charles’s key contribution was providing evidence for that idea (and for putting Lamarckian evolution to bed).
    -The “whale-bear story” was about how it would be possible to get a whale-like creature from a terrestial animal, and was not claiming that whales evolved from bears.
    -The “eye couldn’t possibly have evolved” is a fucking legendary quotemine.
    -There was no recantation.
    -The idea that a death-bed conversion won’t save someone from hell is contrary to vast majority of Christianities I’ve encountered.
    -There is nothing impossible about a million years, there are other kinds of dating that are consistent with carbon dating and the fact that these methods corroborate one another isn’t “circular reasoning”.
    -Straight up denialism regarding transitional fossils. In addition, doesn’t seem to realize that something can be an independent, stable species and still be “transitional”.
    -Regarding, recapitulation theory: it’s wrong, but only technically. The fact is that embryos of different species look very similar in early development, which was Darwin’s actual prediction on the matter. Entertaining to see someone ad hom evolution using the ideas of someone who didn’t come up with evolution, though.
    -Misunderstands that science adjusts itself to new evidence, and doesn’t seem to understand that “descended from dinosaurs” doesn’t mean “dinosaur”.
    -Believes Big Bang is part of evolutionary theory (why the FUCK is this such a common opinion?). Also, conveniently admits that the Big Bang has evidence for it. Hence, why people believe it
    -Oceans, mountains, etc. was not a direct result of the Big Bang. Explosions don’t destroy things: They scatter them. That’s supernovae and the Big Bang did, and the other forces in the universe shaped the debris.
    -Scientific theories are supported by evidence as well as laws. Laws are only different because what they describe is simpler and easier to convert into mathematical terms.
    -Entropy never decreasing throughout the universe doesn’t mean that entropy can’t decrease in a smaller section of that universe.

  7. Written by Anonymous
    on December 18, 2011 at 12:07 am
    Reply · Permalink

    Well, damn, wasn’t finished:
    -There was life before the Cambrian Explosion. The Cambrian Explosion is just a large number of fossilized animals in 80 million year period, around 600 million years ago. There’s nothing sudden about it, nor were all of the animals we have today present. Pretty much the only types of animals were aquatic (from the same broad families as starfish, sponges, crabs, snails, and clams. For the last, see Trilobite).
    -Insects aren’t mindless, and evolution isn’t based on decisions.
    -Males and females don’t need to evolve separately: They differ from each other based on one chromosome that must be present between the two of them, and they interbreed. By definition. Also, the default gender is usually female, not male, and many species are capable of reproducing asexually. Some plants reproduce sexually but have both parts and are capable of reproducing with themselves.
    -Mutations are not always harmful.
    -The new information comes from ERVs, duplication of gene sequences, and mutation.
    -Evolution occurs over a long time scale and many generations, so it is not predicted to be seen directly. That’s why we have indirect evidence, like fossils, genetic comparisons, and tests of natural selection.
    -I wouldn’t say it with confidence, but the percent similarity in DNA between humans and bananas is about 60%.
    -The question about “How did Jesus walk on water?” is so hilariously “not even wrong” that I won’t bother. Ditto to the “consciousness exists separate from the body” crap.
    -Speaking of hilarious, apparently he doesn’t realize the importance of natural selection in evolution. He thinks that a species could exist through evolution that needed to eat food not available on our planet. That’s a new one.
    -Actually saying that we should apply “survival of the fittest” is not at all implied by evolutionary theory.
    -The idea that the winner of the battle was superior (might makes right) was a religious idea existing far before Darwin, and worked under the assumption that God chose to predestine the winner to achieve victory because He favored them, for whatever reason.
    -Atheists use court cases to shut down Christians violating separation of church and state.
    -There is no such thing as “less evolved humans” in evolution because evolution doesn’t have an end goal.
    -Mass murder/genocide had existed long before Darwin.
    -Allowing women to decide to get their own abortions isn’t at all a means of eugenics.
    -The kinds of Muslims who are involved in terrorism are probably not much into evolutionary theory. Ditto for Christian terrorists.
    -Hitler was Christian (though not a good or consistent one) and didn’t much care for Darwinian evolution.
    -Saying “Grow up or die” is a tad hypocritical given the fact that evolution is supposed to be refuted in the author’s mind due to the immoral implications of the theory (and because Darwin was a bad man).

    So, that’s about 33 errors. And that’s being generous.

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