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 IAmAnAtheist » The Afterlife: A Parable

The Afterlife: A Parable

Young, rich, intelligent, beautiful — Kirsten had everything going for her. She was kind to animals, generous to those less fortunate than her, and sought diligently to make the world a better place, both for herself and for those around her.

It might seem that she had everything going for her, but, sadly, Kirsten was an atheist. She did not believe in God and had not accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior or been bathed in his blood. That meant that, even though she tried to live a good life, every little sin Kirsten committed counted against her, and without the forgiveness born from Christ’s sacrifice to balance the books, she deserved Hell as much as the vilest murderer. True, Kirsten thought herself a good person and believed she was living a moral life, but with death would come a bitter truth.

It was on the day after her eighteenth birthday that Kirsten received her reward for a sinful life. She was driving a shiny new convertible sports car that was a gift from her parents, enjoying the California sunshine warming her long, blond hair as she sped down Pacific Coast Highway. Then, all of a sudden, a large rock broke loose from the hillside to her left and sped down the slope toward traffic. Kirsten didn’t see it when it was sent spinning into the air after colliding with another rock, and didn’t even have time to register pain when it slammed into the side of her head.

Even though Kirsten was an atheist, many philosophers would argue that she was both body and mind. Her body might be punished by physical things, but it was her mind — her spirit — that would receive the punishment due for her sinful ways.

Here’s what happened to her body.

The impact of the rock blew Kirsten’s skull to pieces like a snowball hit with a baseball bat. Her lifeless hands continued to grip the wheel, but steered the car into oncoming traffic, resulting in a head-on collision that seriously injured to a couple vacationing from Vermont. Kirsten’s body was restrained to the best of the seat belt and airbag’s ability, but as the car rolled, and rolled, and rolled again before coming to a rest within the doorway of a fancy seafood restaurant, it was so horribly mangled that the quick near-decapitation was effectively a blessing.

So much for her body; what about her spirit?

Here’s what happened to Kirsten’s soul.

Nothing, because there’s no such thing as a soul.

The end.

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