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From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form:

I am so sad.

I grew up a devout Christian, on fire for God my entire life. Throughout the last five years I have slowly fallen out of my faith and now identify as an atheist. Most of the time I feel nothing but relief. However, death is a subject I cannot handle.

One of my friends died today and I just can’t handle it.

What happens after death? It’s not heaven…so is it pain? How do we know it’s nothing?

I’m so afraid that my friend is in constant pain now that she’s dead.

She’s dead.

How do I deal with this as a new atheist?!

Death can be difficult for anyone — no matter what their philosophical underpinnings — to deal with. There is no shame in feeling pain or massive remorse when you lose a dear friend or other loved one. It is part of what makes us human.

As an atheist, there are two things you can take comfort in.

The first is that your friend is now beyond pain, sorrow, and any other mortal cares. There is no reason to believe that consciousness exists after death — none at all. The mind is so clearly tied to the brain that it takes a great leap of faith to conclude that there is something outside the brain that is part of our thoughts. For this reason, when your friend passed away, your friend was put beyond the reach of pain. You can put your mind at ease on that score.

You can also take comfort that, so long as you and others like you live, your friend will live on in memory. I am sure you have many cherished memories of your friend. Hold onto these, share them, enjoy them, and your friend can continue to give you comfort and happiness for the rest of your life. And by holding these memories dear, you are honoring your friend in the highest way possible.

I hope this is of some help to you. You have my sympathy for your loss.

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