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Over the course of my growth as an atheist, I have had many conversations with many people about religion, philosophy, morality, and related topics. Over the last few months, I have been taking typical and interesting arguments I’ve encountered and turning them into little fictional “conversations.”

The conversations are generally between two characters, but they are not Socratic because I do not intend one of the characters’ opinions to be correct while the other’s is incorrect. True, often one of the characters will have an opinion I agree with, but there are conversations where I disagree with both parties, agree with both parties, or think that both people are correct about some things but wrong about others.

So what’s the point then?

I have three goals in mind. First and foremost, I would like people to use these conversations to aid in their personal philosophical and rhetorical development. When reading them, you can forget about what my point of view might be, and instead concentrate on what you think of the conversation. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you agree with the point but think it is being poorly explained? Would you have argued differently? By mentally putting yourself in the conversations, you can explore and build on your own philosophy.

My second goal is to record many of the lines of argument I have come across in my many decades of seeking out discussion about religion, philosophy, and politics. Although the situations, names, and particular word choices in these conversations are all products of my imagination, every single argument and method of discussion is one I have personally encountered. Every point made — no matter how brilliant, no matter how foolish — is one that a real person has actually made. I am not building straw men here — these are real arguments used by real people.

Finally, I am hoping I can convince my readers to share conversations they have had that others might find interesting or amusing. If you have one, match the formatting I’m using for my conversations and send it to me. If I think your conversation fits my mission, I’ll anonymize it, maybe edit it a bit, and post it on the site (and, perhaps, in a book some day), giving you credit.

Before I start posting these conversations, I’d like to run over a few other points that will, I think, answer some of the questions that may come to mind as you read:

My plan is to put out two or three conversations a week for the summer, and then see how they are being received. I would greatly appreciate your pointing others to this blog so that we can get some comments on the conversations.

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