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The below item is part of my "Conversations" series.

An atheist and a theist in a bookstore.

Abel: Look at this — it’s a big reference for different equations. Look how simple the physics equations are! Wouldn’t you think they’d be all complicated?

Zoe: There can be plenty of meaning in something simple. Look — see the equation for linear motion?

Abel: Yes. There’s nothing particularly amazing about that one, though.

Zoe: But there is! That simple equation represents the fact that things are in motion, and motion proves that God exists.

Abel: This equation is proof for God?

Zoe: Indirectly. Think about it: something can only start moving if it was moved by something else. That something else started moving because it was moved by something else. It’s a huge chain going back to the beginning of time, but it had to start somewhere. That means that if you go back far enough, you have to have something that was moved but wasn’t moved by something else. If no natural thing could have moved it — because that would just be adding a link to the chain instead of finding the chain’s origin — the prime mover had to be supernatural. It also had to be intelligent because it had to have the will to move. The only possible supernatural intelligent thing that existed before the universe is God. Therefore motion proves that God exists.

Abel: I think that’s pretty shaky reasoning, but even if it isn’t, you’re assuming that things don’t move unless they were moved by something. What if things don’t naturally start out at rest? What if things are just naturally moving?

Zoe: Things have to start out in their simplest state, and being still is simpler than moving.

Abel: Who says so? If you look around the universe, you’d be hard pressed to find anything that isn’t moving.

Zoe: Oh, please. The table, the wall —

Abel: They’re all moving. They’re on Earth and Earth’s rotating and revolving. The solar system’s rotating, the galaxy’s rotating. Now that I think of it, maybe the natural state of things is to be rotating, since pretty much everything is.

Zoe: They’re only moving because God set them in motion. It’s all evidence of His action.

Abel: You’re still assuming that things would naturally be still without God.

Zoe: There would be nothing without God.

Abel: There’d still be this conversation.

Zoe: Ow — that was low.

Abel: Sorry. Here, I’m going to buy this book, and then let’s get some coffee.


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