God is Good

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A Christian and an atheist carpooling.

Larry: Have you been thinking any more about what we talked about yesterday?

Kaitlin: A bit, but I still need some clarification. I understand about God being omnipotent, but what do you mean when you say that God is good?

Larry: Well, I mean that God obeys all rules of goodness.

Kaitlin: So moral rules exist outside of God.

Larry: Of course, the same as concepts like truth or numbers. They just are.

Kaitlin: If God didn’t create the rules of good and evil, why does He have to obey them?

Larry: Goodness isn’t a set of rules that God obeys. They don’t limit God’s abilities in any way. "Good" is just a term that describes a set of behaviors, and God perfectly fits that description. God is the ultimate example of goodness.

Kaitlin: Then a good person would be a person who also obeys those rules just like God does.

Larry: Pretty much. The difference is that God’s nature is good so God, in a sense, automatically is good. People, on the other hand, are inherently evil and have to make a conscious decision to obey the rules.

Kaitlin: How do we know what those rules are?

Larry: God put a conscience in us as a barometer of goodness. We can ignore it or talk ourselves into getting around it, but it’s there. The Bible has plenty of lessons from God about good and evil, too.

Kaitlin: I’m going to have to read that at some point.

Larry: Definitely! I’ll be happy to answer any questions about it you might have.


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