Could God be Evil?

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A Christian and an atheist at a bar for a mutual friend’s birthday party

Vincent: I notice that the birthday boy hasn’t ordered anything but Coke all night.

Taylor: Sam’s so serious lately. Ever since he got religion he’s been a little holier-than-thou and acts like he has all the answers. We were talking yesterday about what he’s going to do after the internship, and he kept going on about what God wants.

Vincent: I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Taylor: Yeah, you wouldn’t! The thing is, who knows what God wants? Who even knows what God is? You can’t even really tell if God is good or evil.

Vincent: What do you mean? God’s good by definition.

Taylor: But if God’s real, then He’s the one who defined good, and if He’s evil He’d want to give us a false definition to make himself look good. Couldn’t it be that God is evil and just created the world so that there’d be a place for suffering to take place? Maybe He enjoys watching His creations be miserable?

Vincent: It’s logically impossible for God to be evil. In order to say something is evil, you have to have a universal standard of good. That standard would have had to be established by a lawgiver who was good and just, otherwise the standard wouldn’t make any sense. Therefore, God has to be good and just in order to have created morality in the first place.

Taylor: I have no idea what you just said. But even if God is good, that doesn’t prove that religion is good. Maybe Satan or some other supernatural evil influence created religion.

Vincent: Religion does too much good to be a creation of Satan.

Taylor: There’s also evil done in the name of religion, and some people use religion to justify their sins or control others. Maybe the amount of evil outweighs the amount of good, making it worth Satan’s time.

Vincent: Satan is the father of lies. He wouldn’t spread the truth just to do a little evil on the side.

Taylor: How do you know he’s spreading the truth? Maybe the Bible is a fiction, or maybe it’s just true enough to be believed, but has subtle untruths in there to lead people down the wrong path. Or are you saying that Satan is so simplistic that he can only do outright evil things and couldn’t appear to be good to deceive people?

Vincent: Sure, Satan can pretend to be good to be deceptive. He does it all the time. But the Bible couldn’t possibly be a tool of Satan. God wouldn’t allow it.

Taylor: Why wouldn’t he allow it? He allows other false religions. He even allows false versions of Christianity, right?

Vincent: God wouldn’t allow the one true religion to be corrupted.

Taylor: If it’s a Satanic lie, it’s not the one true religion.

Vincent: Since we know it’s the one true religion, it’s not a Satanic lie.

Taylor: Maybe Hopi Indians had the one true religion, but Satan has done such a good job fooling us that we don’t know it.

Vincent: And maybe Sam isn’t the only one who shouldn’t be drinking. Come on — let’s find the birthday boy.


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