Rescue Me From Evil

The below item is part of my "Conversations" series.

A woman and her mother cleaning up a flooded basement.

Laura: I can’t believe this mess. I’m a good Christian — why does God let evil things happen to good people?

Madison: Are you even listening to yourself?

Laura: What did I say?

Madison: You talk about evil things happening to you, but what you really mean by "evil things" is "things you don’t like."

Laura: That’s what evil things in nature are. They’re things that hurt us or cause us trouble.

Madison: Then you wish God would make it so only good things happen to you?

Laura: That would certainly help. Don’t you think God should protect good Christians?

Madison: Not like that. If evil things are things you don’t like, then good things are just things that please you. So you’re asking God to perform miracles to please you. You keep saying you’re a good Christian as if by being good you should be able to buy favors from God. Well, let me tell you — God doesn’t exist to please you and He doesn’t work for you. You can’t buy God’s favor.

Laura: It doesn’t sound very good when you say it that way.

Madison: It shouldn’t! Thinking you can buy favors from God isn’t just wrong, it’s pagan. Stop whining like a pagan and help me clean this basement.


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