Mind and Soul

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Two Christians in a doctor’s waiting room.

Daniel: I can’t even relax until we hear how Mom’s doing.

Elizabeth: I know. It’s scary. She’s having so much trouble remembering things and her personality’s even changing. It’s like she’s turning into another person.

Daniel: I don’t understand how that can happen. Everything you are, everything that makes you a person, is in your soul, and your soul can’t get sick, so how can a person change like that?

Elizabeth: Well, as I understand it, your soul connects to your body through your brain. Your body’s not perfect like your soul, so your senses can make mistakes, which is why optical illusions and things work. If there’s a problem with your brain or if you take drugs that make it malfunction, it gets worse. When your soul can’t connect right, strange things happen.

Daniel: That explains memory problems, if her brain can’t get information from the soul. But what about the difference in her personality? She’s yelling about such little things, and she’s doing it more and more.

Elizabeth: I know; I know. What we have to remember is that Mom’s soul hasn’t changed. She’s still there, and she’s still Mom. We just can’t see it because she’s getting older.

Daniel: Then who is it that is doing the yelling if it’s not Mom? Are you saying it’s her body working without her soul? Like she’s some kind of zombie? Or that she’s possessed?

Elizabeth: Oh God, no. It’s not that Mom’s soul isn’t there, it’s just having trouble. Her soul is trying to communicate but the connection’s bad. It’s like when you’re trying to make a phone call but there’s interference. You’re not talking to a different person, but the conversation’s garbled. Some of the message comes through, but there’s a lot that is completely garbled.

Daniel: I don’t want Mom to get farther and farther away. What can we do?

Elizabeth: We have to wait to see what the doctor says.


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