Who Are the Christians

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Two Christians gardening

Owen: I’m getting worn out here. My knees are killing me.

Patsy: How many more carrot seeds do we have?

Owen: About two packets.

Patsy: It won’t be much longer.

Owen: After all this, I’m going to be really peeved if the rabbits get in here again. They came in from the field across the way last year and ate everything.

Patsy: That’s nature’s way.

Owen: That’s nature being annoying. I had up a fence, too, and they just dug under it. I’m thinking of buying traps this year.

Patsy: So you can relocate them?

Owen: They’d just come back. I’d probably poison them or whatever it is you do with rabbits.

Patsy: You can’t do that!

Owen: Why not? Because they’re too cute? They’re still pests, no matter how cute they are.

Patsy: It’s not about cute, it’s about right and wrong. It’s not right to kill animals like that.

Owen: Huh? I thought you were a Christian?

Patsy: I am a Christian. What has that got to do with it?

Owen: It’s in the Bible. God gave the world to Adam and Eve and told them to tend it. All of creation was here for us to take care of, and that means we can take care of it as we see fit. If that means killing some pests, we can kill some pests.

Patsy: No, no. Taking care means that we have to preserve life. You can’t kill things just because they’re inconvenient or troublesome.

Owen: Wow — you’re really disappointing me here. All this time I thought you were a Christian like me, and now I find this out. It’s just too bad.

Patsy: Why do you keep going there? So we disagree about rabbits; I’m still a Christian.

Owen: No, you’re not.

Patsy: Of course I am.

Owen: No. Christians have the Holy Spirit living in them. The Holy Spirit speaks to us and tells us the truth of God’s word.

Patsy: Right. I know that.

Owen: Then how could two Christians possibly disagree on an issue of morality? If you don’t have the truth, then you aren’t being spoken to by the Spirit. You’ve proven that you’re not really a Christian by showing that you don’t have the truth.

Patsy: What about using your reason and common sense? The Holy Spirit doesn’t verify every fact that comes into your head.

Owen: He does so far as religion is concerned. If you had the Spirit you’d know that.

Patsy: Then how do you know you’re the one who’s right? If disagreement means that one of us isn’t Christian, maybe it’s you?

Owen: Do you think the Spirit’s a liar?

Patsy: Of course not.

Owen: Then I’m the real Christian. The Spirit tells me so every waking moment of every day.

Patsy: Fine. Then the Spirit can help you with your garden. I’m out of here.


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