Worthless Good

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A Catholic and a Protestant in a workplace cafeteria.

Cameron: Did you hear that Manning got hit by a drunk driver over the weekend?

Dana: Yeah — that was tragic. He wasn’t even 25, was he?

Cameron: I think he was 23. It doesn’t seem right, does it? He was such a good guy. Did you know he was the one that secretly sent all those groceries to Deb’s house when her husband got laid up?

Dana: Are you sure?

Cameron: Pretty sure.

Dana: Well, that makes it that much sadder that he wasn’t a Christian.

Cameron: You think he would have done more good if he wasn’t an atheist?

Dana: Maybe or maybe not, but I know he wouldn’t be burning in Hell if he had accepted Jesus before he died.

Cameron: Come on — that’s pretty harsh.

Dana: Reality is harsh. What can I say?

Cameron: Do you really think God would send someone like that to Hell?

Dana: He sure couldn’t let him into Heaven. God’s perfect. Any imperfection is repulsive to Him, and unforgiven sins are massive imperfections.

Cameron: But think about all the good stuff Manning did.

Dana: Any so-called "good stuff" that a human does is so distant from perfection that it might as well be dog crap so far as God is concerned. He doesn’t let dog crap into Heaven.

Cameron: I’m not saying Manning was perfect. I’m just saying that all the good should balance out some of the bad that everyone has in them.

Dana: Doing good deeds to try and get into Heaven is like trying to bribe an incorruptible police officer with cow pies.

Cameron: But he wasn’t trying to bribe his way into Heaven. He was doing good things because he was a good person.

Dana: Things he did don’t matter. He fell short of God’s glory so he deserves to be punished for eternity. If he’d accepted Jesus, he’d have been okay. As it is, he might as well have been a murdering rapist. His punishment wouldn’t have been any worse.

Cameron: That doesn’t make any sense to me. God has to take into account people’s thoughts and deeds. How else could people who had never heard of Jesus have a chance to get to Heaven?

Dana: Seriously? What are you, Catholic?

Cameron: Yes. Why?

Dana: Oh. Well, say "hi" to Manning for me when you see him.


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  1. Written by Kiera
    on August 27, 2013 at 12:49 am
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    Gotta say I’m siding with the Cameron character. The other seems very bigoted =\

    I hate that there are actually people like that =(

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