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 IAmAnAtheist » Sarah Palin’s Christmas: Final chapters

Sarah Palin’s Christmas: Final chapters

My notes on “Who’d Make Up a Story Like That?” and “Recipes” the final two chapters of Sarah Palin’s new book Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.

Even after reading this you might respond too tersely to someone who wishes you “Happy holidays,” instead of returning a nice, simple “Merry Christmas.” Or, you might—because you have other battles in real life—not be able to utter a “Merry Christmas” at all. [Kindle location 2220]

I really don’t like this message. “Happy holidays” is only an insult to people who insist that a) the only holiday worth mentioning this time of year is Christmas, and b) not explicitly saying the word “Christmas” is somehow rejecting Christmas. These are probably some of the same people I have heard calling math textbooks anti-Christian because none of the word problems involve Jesus or other Christian references. (Really!)

I wonder if Palin thinks that Bing Crosby was attacking Christmas when he sang “Happy Holidays”?

This update turned out to be much shorter than the rest of them because the final chapter is all remembrances of things that have happened in the Palin family during the holidays around Christmas time. To me, this was the most boring bit of the book, but there was really nothing wrong with it. It’s probably what a lot of people thought the book would be when they first picked it up.

After the final chapter is an appendix with a number of Christmas-appropriate recipes from Palin’s family and friends. I’ll leave you with a quote that accompanied a cookie recipe from one of Palin’s friends:

After every time she sends it, she always adds, “Don’t give it to anyone!” [Kindle location 2292]

Nice job ending a Christmas book with an example of breaking a friend’s trust.

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