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 IAmAnAtheist » Why Care?

Why Care?

The below item is part of my "Conversations" series.

Two Christians walking by a thrift shop

Whoopi: Look in the window — it’s a Holly Hobby!

Van: Wow. I don’t think I’ve seen one of those in 30 years.

Whoopi: I used to have one. She was about my height at the time. I wish I knew what happened to her.

Van: She probably got donated by your parents at some point. I bet some other little girl loves her now.

Whoopi: That would be nice. I like to think about things going on and making others happy after they’re not with you anymore.

Van: That’s one of the benefits of a Christian world view.

Whoopi: I thought everyone felt like that.

Van: Not atheists. For an atheist, nothing but their own life means anything, and even that only has meaning when they’re enjoying it.

Whoopi: They care about others, though.

Van: Why would they? Why would an atheist care if her husband or her child died? It’s just another animal dying to them, and they don’t think they have a soul to carry on after them.

Whoopi: But even if they don’t think there’s a soul, don’t they think that someone dying is a real loss?

Van: Everyone’s going to die, so why does it matter if they die now or later? That’s how an atheist must think of it.

Whoopi: But if someone dies now — a child, for example — think of all the lost potential. Whatever great things the child would have done will never be accomplished. Even an atheist would feel bad about that. They might not feel bad for the child, but they’d feel that society lost all that potential. It’s the same reason I get so mad about sexism.

Van: How is that even related?

Whoopi: When you have people putting down others because of sexism, racism, or what have you, then the people being put down can never have a fair chance to live up to their potential. Think of how many brilliant potential scientists and inventors never had a chance because they were women and women "shouldn’t be allowed" to do those things?

Van: That’s true. I guess an atheist might think that way, although I’ve never heard it. You can be sure of one thing, though, and that’s that an atheist could never love her Holly Hobby the way you did yours.

Whoopi: You’re right about that. She was as real to me as a sister. To an atheist, she’d just be a thing of cloth and stuffing. Wouldn’t it be sad to be so thoroughly shackled to the real world?

Van: It certainly would.


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