Breaking Laws

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Two Christian and an atheist in a gas station, waiting for customers

Debra: I am incredibly bored.

Ella: Still? Wow, I would have thought that in the five minutes since you last said that you would have found something entertaining to do.

Debra: How long has it been since we had a customer?

Ella: Stop harping on it. You know this road doesn’t get much traffic this time of year. When the snow comes, we’ll be crammed with business and you’ll be complaining about being overworked.

Debra: I know, but I wouldn’t mind being a little overworked right now. Maybe if I ask really nice I can pray us up a convoy that needs a fill up, or a Beamer with some engine trouble.

Ella: It’s no use praying for miracles. There’s no such thing.

Debra: How can you say that?

Ella: For something to be a miracle it would have to break the laws of nature, and nothing can do that.

Debra: That’s a load and you now it — the laws of nature get broken all the time. The law of gravity says that things fall down, but flowers grow up toward the sky. The law of energy says you can’t have perpetual motion, but the planets go around and around the sun without stopping. You know how those laws get broken?

Ella: Why don’t you tell me.

Debra: It’s God. God keeps things running. So if God can do a miracle for a flower, He can certainly consider breaking a few laws of physics for me.

Ella: Okay. Well, so long as you’re praying us up some customers, see if you can make them good looking. With beer. Cold beer.

Debra: Now you’re just being greedy.


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