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A Christian and an atheist working in a sports collectibles shop

Faye: What do you want me to do with these "Super Scientists" cards?

Gracie: Have we actually sold any?

Faye: Uh — two packs, maybe? In six months?

Gracie: Put it on the sale table. We gave it a shot. I told you nobody was going to buy those.

Faye: But those "Heroes of the Bible" cards sold so well last year, I thought these would have a chance.

Gracie: That’s a pretty different market.

Faye: I don’t know about that. If you look at history, science was created by religious people searching for meaning in the universe.

Gracie: I guess that’s true. Historically.

Faye: Makes you want to take another look at religion, doesn’t it?

Gracie: No. Even if science was formed by religious people, it doesn’t say anything about the truth of religion.

Faye: If religion grew into science, wouldn’t that imply that religion at least has a kernel of truth in it?

Gracie: Do you believe in astrology because it led to astronomy?

Faye: Oh. Good point. I’m going to throw my argument on the sale table with these cards.

Gracie: Good idea.


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