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 IAmAnAtheist » Kalam Plus Infinities

Kalam Plus Infinities

The below item is part of my "Conversations" series.

Two Christians after lunch, on their way to class

Neil: I was thinking about what you said about God having his own time. Do you think it’s literally true that before creation, since nothing changed, literally no time passed for God?

Matt: Yes. I think that’s the best way to get ride of infinities in history.

Neil: Then, in a sense, time only started going forward when God did something.

Matt: Not “in a sense” — that’s literally what I mean.

Neil: Then doesn’t that mean that there’s effectively a point in time when time started?

Matt: Effectively, sure.

Neil: Then God didn’t exist before that time, right?

Matt: God has always existed.

Neil: I know that, but if there was no time passing then there’s no “before” for God to be in.

Matt: Right. That’s how we get rid of inifinities. I explained that.

Neil: I know. The problem is that if there’s a point in time before which there was no time, then wouldn’t it be correct to say that nothing came before that time?

Matt: You’re basically repeating yourself. What’s the point?

Neil: Well, if there’s a time when nothing earlier existed, then effectively God came into existence at that point in time.

Matt: No, God always existed.

Neil: I know God always existed, but “always” means “for as long as there was time,” doesn’t it?

Matt: Oh, I’ve got you. Right.

Neil: So far as time is concerned, then, there’s a point where God began.

Matt: That’s a weird way to think of it, but I guess so.

Neil: Okay then, think about this: Anything that comes into being must have had a cause.

Matt: Wait right there. Are you going to argue that God must have had a cause because He came into being?

Neil: That follows, doesn’t it? So doesn’t that prove that you’re wrong about God’s time, if it leads to something absurd?

Matt: It would if it did, but it didn’t. God didn’t come into being. God always existed, even when there was no time passing.

Neil: But maybe the universe did that, too? Maybe the universe just looks like it has a beginning because before that beginning nothing happened so there was essentially no time?

Matt: That’s an entirely differen thing. God has the property of not being created; the universe doesn’t.

Neil: How do we know that?

Matt: It’s just obvious. It’s the only way for everything to make sense.

Neil: Oh, well, I guess that’s true. So long as everything makes sense. It was starting to sound a little weird. Thanks.


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