Proof Through Sheep

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A Christian and an atheist at a county fair

Gabriella: Oh my gosh! Look at the lambs! They are so cute!

Harper: Wow — that’s like the definition of adorable right there.

Gabriella: Lambs are such a miracle. I don’t know how you can look at them and still be an atheist.

Harper: Because they’re cute? There are evolutionary reasons for things to be cute.

Gabriella: I wasn’t thinking of cuteness, but since you mention it, did you know that science can’t explain how wild sheep survive?

Harper: I find that hard to believe.

Gabriella: It’s true! Sheep have only one lamb, but wolves have six puppies at a time. In captivity, farmers can fend off the wolves, but in the wild, without God’s help, the wolves would quickly overwhelm the sheep because they breed so much faster. God protects his lambs.

Harper: I don’t think it’s nearly as simple as that. Sheep can breed within a few months of being born, and some species can give birth more than once a year. Wolves in the wild don’t breed for a couple of years and only give birth once a year. Also, wolves are monogamous but sheep aren’t, and more wolf pups die from starvation than lambs do because it’s harder for carnivores to get food. In fact, I think I’ve read that wolves have fewer pups when there’s less food around, and sheep sometimes have two or three lambs.

Gabriella: How would a wolf know to have fewer pups? Doesn’t that even hint at the hand of God to you?

Harper: Before we move on to that question, are you agreeing that you’re wrong about God being necessary to save sheep from wolves?

Gabriella: No. It’s another question, though.

Harper: Why don’t we go ask the farmer who brought these sheep if I’m right about sheep and wolves. Would that convince you?

Gabriella: It’s not that big a deal. Let’s go see the horses.


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