Proof Through Intelligence

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Two Christians in the waiting room of a university psychology research laboratory

Rebekah: That was definitely weird.

Scott: Definitely! I had a test with twenty questions, and the answer to every one was the same — “green.”

Rebekah: The answers to all mine were “orange.” I wish I knew what it was they were really testing for.

Scott: I wish we didn’t have to do weird stuff like this to get lab credits.

Rebekah: I hear you!

Scott: They’re probably testing whether we’d really answer all the questions the same. Either that, or they’re going to leave us in this room for hours and see how long it takes us to go nuts.

Rebekah: I guess I shouldn’t complain. In a few years, I’ll probably be the one making up the dumb questions.

Scott: Are you a psychology major?

Rebekah: Behavioral science. How about you?

Scott: I’m majoring in theology, but with a minor in psychology.

Rebekah: That’s an interesting combination. While I’m off asking silly questions, you’ll probably be proving that God exists.

Scott: You just did. Prove that God exists.

Rebekah: How?

Scott: You questioned whether or not God exists. If there were no intelligent creator, then there would be nobody to create intelligence. Any universe in which God’s existence can be questioned must, therefore, have been created by God.

Rebekah: Woah — that’s so deep I’m not even sure it made sense.

Scott: At least the answer wasn’t “orange”!


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