Proof Through Searching

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An atheist and a Christian in a science museum

Leslie: It says that this guy spent his whole life trying to prove that there were patterns to prime numbers. What a nut.

Mark: Did he eventually find them?

Leslie: He found some patterns, but not one overall pattern.

Mark: There you have it then. He wasn’t such a nut if he actually found what he was looking for.

Leslie: What if he’d never found anything, though? What a waste.

Mark: Of course he found something. Why would he be searching for something that didn’t exist? The fact that he was searching proves that the answer was out there, just like how people can spend their whole life searching for God proves that God exists.

Leslie: That doesn’t prove any such thing. All sorts of people spend their lives searching for things that don’t exist. What about inventors who obsessively try and make a perpetual motion machine?

Mark: The fact that they haven’t made one yet doesn’t prove that it’s impossible.

Leslie: The fact that perpetual motion violates the laws of physics proves that it’s impossible.

Mark: You don’t know that. Scientists could be wrong about the physical laws.

Leslie: That’s incredibly unlikely at this point, but in any case someone wishing that the laws of physics were different isn’t evidence that the laws are wrong.

Mark: It’s inconceivable that so many people would search for a God that doesn’t exist.

Leslie: People waste their lives looking for buried treasure that isn’t there. It happens.

Mark: But it doesn’t make sense.

Leslie: People, unfortunately, don’t make sense all the time.


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