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A campus preacher and a student between classes

Bruce: You, with the blue shirt, have you considered your salvation? Don’t walk away! Come here and hear — hear the good news!

Cal: Why should I waste my time? Have you got anything to say that I haven’t heard a thousand times before?

Bruce: God is a boundless bounty! If you don’t feel the word, then you haven’t heard the word.

Cal: You just took a dozen words to say nothing. Can’t you say something with some substance that might actually change my mind? Or are you afraid that I’ll have an answer to any lame argument you can come up with?

Bruce: With God at my side, I have nothing to fear. No sinner can avoid the truth, and everything in the universe sings of the creator. An object — this book for example — is just a collection of perceptions. If you could not perceive it, then it would be nothing. But if you put this book in a room by itself and left, it would still be there when you came back. How could that be if it is nothing without being perceived? It must be that something is perceiving that book, even when it is alone in a closed room. That something is God. How can you not believe?

Cal: That may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Bruce: Then you’re not understanding. It is an obvious truth that you can’t force your senses to sense something just because you want them to. You cannot wish to see a sunset and have it appear before your eyes, or demand that the scent of lavender reach your nose. That means that what you sense isn’t under the control of your will. If your senses aren’t controlled by your will, then they must be controlled by some other will. That will is God.

Cal: Wow. Now that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Bye!

Bruce: You are lost to the Lord! Repent your ways!

Cal: Okay! Bye!


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