Only One II

The below item is part of my "Conversations" series.

A theist and an atheist, a little later, still at a mutual friend’s birthday party

Elric: I was thinking about what you said about there being enough room for two infinite beings, and I think you might be right this once.

Dexter: I’m so glad! I was starting to think I was going nuts.

Elric: What I really should have said is that God is omnipotent, so there can’t be any other Gods since there can’t be two omnipotent beings.

Dexter: That sounds more sensible, but I’d have to think about it.

Elric: Well, if there were two omnipotent gods, then either of them could do anything that was possible. That means that either one could do something the other one didn’t want him to do. But if one god can’t stop another god from doing something, then at least one of those gods isn’t omnipotent, because there’s something he can’t do.

Dexter: That’s a much better argument. All it proves, though, is that there is at most one omnipotent deity. It doesn’t prove that there aren’t two deities who are really powerful but aren’t quite omnipotent, and it doesn’t prove that there isn’t one omnipotent deity and a bunch of less powerful deities. Can you prove that God is omnipotent in the first place?

Elric: He’d have to be omnipotent to create the universe.

Dexter: Why? Maybe the only power He has is creating universes and He can’t do anything else.

Elric: That would be silly. Why would He be like that?

Dexter: Why would He be omnipotent?

Elric: It’s just the way He is.

Dexter: That isn’t much of an argument.

Elric: You’re right. I’ll work on it and get back to you.


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