Free Will for God

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Friends sitting on a couch in their apartment

Zachary: I’ll start this time. Smelly feet.

Yesenia: Feet first.

Zachary: First born.

Yesenia: Born Free.

Zachary: Free Willy.

Yesenia: Hey, do you think God has free will?

Zachary: Where did that come from?

Yesenia: I don’t know. Do you think He does?

Zachary: Obviously God would have to have free will. If He didn’t, he’d just be a force of nature or something. He wouldn’t be personal.

Yesenia: How can He have free will if He can’t choose what to do?

Zachary: God can do whatever He wants to.

Yesenia: If God’s all good, then He has to do what’s good, and if he’s omnipotent and omniscient, then He has to always make the optimally good choice. That means He doesn’t have any options to choose between.

Zachary: You’re assuming that there are never situations with two options that have equally good results.

Yesenia: How could there be? God knows the impact of his decisions all the way to the end of time. No two decisions could have exactly the same impact over eternity.

Zachary: It doesn’t matter anyway. God has free will because He has the ability to do anything and knows that He is making choices. He could choose to do evil if he wanted to.

Yesenia: But he wouldn’t want to — that’s the point. Since God can’t choose evil — or even sub-optimal good — he doesn’t have free will.

Zachary: Saying that God would never want to choose evil doesn’t mean He can’t choose evil. Those are different things. God has the ability to make an evil choice so he has free will. You have the ability to stab yourself in the eye, but the fact that you’d never do it doesn’t mean you don’t have free will.

Yesenia: But God doesn’t have the option to choose evil. If He did, He wouldn’t be all good anymore so He wouldn’t be God. I would never stab myself in the eye, but if I did it for some reason it wouldn’t change the nature of the universe or violate the rules of logic. If God chose to torture some babies because it looked funny, that would be — I don’t know what it would be because it’s impossible. God can’t make that choice.

Zachary: God wouldn’t make that choice.

Yesenia: It’s the same thing.

Zachary: No, it’s not.

Yesenia: You said “snot.”

Zachary: You’re an idiot. Okay, you start this time.


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