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The Holocaust

The below item is part of my "Conversations" series.

Two teenagers studying after school

Victor: Did you see Sam after the video? I swear I thought he was going to cry.

Thomas: Yeah. You have to admit it was pretty grim.

Victor: I can’t believe they are allowed to show those pictures in class. Some of them were pretty horrific, even though they really didn’t show anything gory.

Thomas: I can’t believe God allowed the Holocaust to happen in the first place.

Victor: Come on — you know there’s nothing He could have done. It’s human evil that’s the problem. God has to allow people free will, no matter what they use it for.

Thomas: It wouldn’t have hurt anyone’s free will if Hitler had crib death or something.

Victor: Maybe, but there’s a reason for everything God does. I think that the reason God didn’t stop the Holocaust was because he knew that in time it would end up doing more good than harm.

Thomas: Are you nuts? Millions of people died?

Victor: Actually, my Dad told me about this because he knew we’d be watching that video today. Millions of people died, but because of those deaths millions more found Christ and went to Heaven. The Holocaust reminded Jews all over the world that their way was old and done for. They’re not the chosen people anymore. Those that were convinced to accept Christ are saved when they would have been lost.

Thomas: What about all the children that died?

Victor: What about all the children that were saved, either because their families converted to avoid the Nazis or because they were placed with Christian families for safety?

Thomas: That’s still pretty cold. I have trouble believing that as many people were saved as died.

Victor: Then what about Israel? If it had not been for the Holocaust, Israel wouldn’t have been given back to the Jews, and that’s something that had to happen before Jesus could return. I think we can agree that even a million deaths is nothing compared to the glory of Jesus returning to judge the world.

Thomas: Well, maybe not nothing, but I see what you mean.


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