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Wacky Christianity

From the comment form: Love your site, it’s nice to see a decent no nonsense approach to no nonsense. Although I give kudos to Mary, she hoe’s around, gets knocked up, talks utter crap as an excuse and starts all this son of God bollocks off (incidentally I’ve met a dude that thought he […]

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Top anti-religion arguments

From the Arguing Atheist feedback form: I find your site interesting. What do you feel is the top five arguments against any religion? Or the singular argument that no one can refute. Thanks Off the top of my head, I’d say that my top five arguments against any religion (assuming a narrow definition of religion […]

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Tract #52: Why Do Atheists Pick on Christians?

Tract #52, Why Do Atheists Pick on Christians?, is ready for you to print and hand out. Download it, see page #3 for printing instructions, and let me know your comments! Thanks! 052_attacking-christians.pdf Why Do Atheists Pick on Christians? There are a great many religions in the world, so why is that — at least […]

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Religion’s “associated BS”

There is no way one can truly have clear thought if one’s mind is muddled and confused with the lies, promises, scare tactics, and all the other associated bullshit, of any religion, myth or superstition. I have never felt so free as when i finally threw off the childhood brainwashing regarding god and chrisianity. T […]

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Religion is doomed (again)!

IT IS ME AGAIN …. HEY THE HATE SECTION IS VERY FUNNY, BUT SCARY AT THE SAME TIME ….. THERE ARE SO MANY SOMBIES IN THE ENGLISH SPEAKING WORLD! Oh I forgot to tell you that the next time you go to the beach, give me a call … I am from Mexico, so I […]

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Religion is doomed!

Wow, I finally found someone like me! hahahaha jajajajaja I do not what to say ….. oh drink beer, at the beach … ciao! ANY RELIGION IS DOOMED AND THEY KNOW THAT! Well, not quite like you — I live near the beach, but I don’t drink beer. Sorry!

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“I hate all religions”

I hate all religions. I was born in Iran and spent 27 years in there. When I was student of Medicine in Tehran University, I always preached Atheism. I am specialized in “Anti-Islam !! The stupid, pedophile, and epileptic Muhammad copied Christianity and Judaism and created his own damn religion. I also went to church […]

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December 2007

wow, thank you very much for taking the time to comment on what i wrote. you are right i do not believe in any kind of deity but i consider myself connected to all life and all matter, my research into quantum physics has sparked my idea that the oneness in the universe is what […]

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November 2007

Keep up the good work. Educate these god fearing freaks, help pave the way for us rationalists. {A better term for athiest, becouse it’s at the very least irrational to believe the almighty. Maybe thiest will be less afraid of this term.} People need to grow up let go of the fairy tales, face reality. […]

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September 2007

My, My, My. All the foul mouthed people who “Call” themselves “Christian” and criticize you?? It once again shows ME(who was once a very strong Christian) that religion is a big farce. I’ve been trying long and hard to avoid this conclusion, but my studies in science, world religions and anthropology have convinced me otherwise. […]

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