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Why did Jesus die?

I want to tell you a story and see what you think about it. Imagine it’s thousands of years ago in the middle east. Jesus and his twelve closest followers — the apostles — know that they are on a path to fulfill the prophecy of a savior rising to re-establish God’s kingdom on earth. […]

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Doing my research

Most of my free time is tied up in working on a new pro-thinking book so I don’t have much time for blogging at the moment. However, I wanted to reply to this e-mail that I received through the submission form: first off the Bible doesn’t say Atheism is wrong. i don’t know where […]

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All very simple

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form: these questions are all very simple. if you’re going to claim that christianity is false you at least have to give a reason why. and if you know nothing about it or the Bible then how can you know if its false or not? im a Christian and im not […]

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Science in Genesis

From the comment form: While I look at the Bible as a history book about as credible as any document written over and over and translated thousands of times, some of it makes for good bedtime stories. I mean, Jesus was a pretty nice fellow. He told people to give to the less fortunate […]

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Precise Biblical predictions

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form: Ok first off there was a jesus and roman even wrote about it. Second Bible did tell how he would to very letter. When romans wrote it they were still with the Greek Gods. They wrote everything that the Bible predicted if you don’t believe me go do some research […]

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On the truth of the New Testament

Here is an argument that I frequently encounter (in one form or another): We know that the Gospels must be accurate because they were written within the lifetime of witnesses. If they were false, then witnesses would have come forward and declared them false. There are a number of general reasons that I find this […]

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Evidence for the Bible

From the feedback form Your web-site makes it sound as if there is no evidence that the bible – specifically, the old testament – is true. Do you really feel that there is no evidence that the Bible was written by God? I mean, I know you don’t think it was written by God. […]

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Your Bible Story

I’d like to ask my readers’ assistance with another project. I’m partnered with another blogger on a new blog, Bible Memories. It’s kind of an experiment to see how well people’s memories of Bible stories match up with what is really in the Bible. I just made the site live and it’s got a lot […]

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Gospels as jury

Last week, a guest host on the Stand to Reason podcast asked listeners to consider California’s standard instructions to juries regarding witnesses in criminal trials and judge the Gospels in the terms of those instructions. The host thought that the Gospels were reliable witnesses in these terms. Let’s take a look. The instructions begin: You […]

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Tract #38: Should Christians Read the Bible?

Tract #38, Should Christians Read the Bible?, is ready for you to download and review. Download it, see page #3 for printing instructions, and let me know your comments! Thanks! 038_read-the-bible2.pdf Should Christians Read the Bible? Should a Christian read the Bible? It seems like a dumb question, but there are many Christians who have […]

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