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Just a brief comment today. I’ve been reading a lot of comments on various news sites by Christians today and so many of them are depressing. The talk about disrespect for God being responsible for the recent school shooting is getting muddled with talk about how it never would have happened if adults in the […]

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Tragic responses

Tragedy brings out the worst in some people. I’d like to share a few quotes that got my blood boiling today. “We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools,” [former governor Mike] Huckabee said on Fox News, discussing the murder spree that took the lives […]

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How immature I am

From the feedback form: I have a question to ask you. Have you ever realized how immature your humor is? And those responses to questions of how to respond to those anti atheist? Do you even know why those non atheist even try to talk to people about their beliefs? It’s because they want […]

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Einstein was insane

From the comment form: I’ve been reading thru the comments and there are some pretty stupid people writing to you, but much of the time you don’t do much better. You wrote (quote) that if there are two perfect clocks and one is on top of a mountain but another is in a valley […]

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Nice comment

Here’s a nice comment from an agnostic that I received through the comment form: I love being an Agnostic. I have peace in my life. When I was a teenager I really tried to love Jesus. I went to church, was baptized and prayed every day. But I felt nothing. I told the minister I […]

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Comment on the April Fools “FAQ”

I received the following as a comment on the sarcastic April Fools FAQ I posted a few days ago. These were very funny, however: save them for the main part of your website. This is one of the few places that I’ve found where one can find an intelligent, nuanced discussion of religious themes anywhere […]

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What we need

you people need a LIFE ok

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September 2007

The Arugment Against Athiets page is pretty funny and pretty embarassing for any Christian who has ever posed about 95% of those arguments. I appreciate the reminder that education and common sense are two vitally important elements every human being should pursue. It is a shame most “Christians” are their own worst enemy. Unfortunately, when […]

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May 2007

On you opening page you ask if ‘you want to ask about your new religion.’ That is as far as I’ve gotten because I felt that the ‘religion’ reference deserved a response. (It is funny.) But certainly you must know that being an atheist is the opposite of having a religion. As in, not subscribing […]

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May 2007

Hello, first of all I’d just like to say that it’s so refreshing to read intelligent arguments about this subject rather than the stubborn abuse you usually find. I just wrote to recmommend a TV show you may enjoy though I expect you’ve already seen it, I’m recommending it just in case you haven’t. It’s […]

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