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Ignorance on both sides

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form your argumetns against theism are.. well.. the first quarter is smart the second quarter is like a transition the second half is just plain ignorant. i mean atheists make fun of theists all the time by making fun of their stupid answers, but you’ve proven that ignorance can be found […]

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Benefits of the Holocaust?

Your questions for Christians comment stupid response makes the same stupid argument that atheists always make. That the holocaust was evil and god let it happen so god is evil blah blah blah. Let’s look at the real facts here. Civilian people dies in World War II but that’s what happens in war. No surprise. […]

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I don’t understand why we are all so naive and confident as to assume that we must and do know everything right here, right now. You all have nice long rants about “Why we are” and “Scientists cannot replicate”: How “evolution fails” and “right from wrong”. Does anyone else (except myself, obviously) believe that we […]

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In bad taste and offensive

As an agnostic, I find your site to be in bad taste and to be offensive. That’s pretty harsh. Can you be more specific?

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Why so sarcastic?

I appreciate your site. As a fellow atheist, I’m always glad to see people banding together in the name of reason. But I’m a little worried at the sarcastic nature of the site. For now at least, I feel that we should be using logic and reasoning to dissolve the idea of god instead of […]

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Unreasonable rights and responsibilities

I don’t think many of your rights and responsibilities for atheists are reasonable. Well, they’re not meant to be taken seriously, but I’d be interested to know which ones you don’t find reasonable.

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December 2007

As an Atheist, I found the “Argument Against” section to be rather childish and a tad bit intellectually insulting. Maybe I missed the point, and the purpose of the site is all about sarcastic humor, but even then it would still be pretty much without merit. While reading the mentioned section, I pictured someone actually […]

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December 2007

I am an Australian Aborigine. I think if athiest means non-Christian or non any organized religion, then fine. Go for it. But please don’t denigrate God if you do not understand what spirituality is. The scientists, who have been pushing the philosophy of the power of individual logic and reason, got it wrong too. At […]

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November 2007

An honest question: how can you be so sure? (Also, a pet peeve- your rights and responsibilities page. I didn’t get the memo that not believing in a god signed me up for a whole new other club. It’s a personal choice, belief, whatever; it’s not a church without a centre and it hasn’t got […]

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September 2007

I noticed in your atheist rights and responsibilities, you list “Don’t be greedy”. I would argue that being greedy is not morally incorrect. In fact, I would argue that greed is a natural and society improving human process. Laissez-faire capitalism is a system in which individuals produce goods and services that they trade with one […]

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