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Infinite God and tolerance

Sadly, I have to start this post with an apology. I recently received a very nice e-mail from a Christian that I thought was very worthy of response. I put it aside while I thought about how I’d answer and in the interim managed to inadvertently permanently delete it in a spam purge. I’m going […]

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God of the Gaps

A reader sent me an interesting message that, in essence, said there’s nothing wrong with God being a “God of the gaps” (GoG). I’d love to reprint the message here, but unfortunately I appears to have been copied from another site (Google found it on this page, in the August 10, 2011, comment by Udaybhanu […]

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If man could answer all of your questions…

From the feedback form: It is possiable to have a mind, and believe that God is real or not or vica-versa. It is impossible to have knowladge of God and for God not to exist, because He was, is and will always be part of your life; if you choose to believe in God […]

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A brilliant arguer

From the feedback form: I respect your opinion, but I disagree. I am a Christian, and I believe in God. I am not going to try and convince you that God exists, but I would like to say that anyone who uses the arguments you provided for the existence of God should just keep […]

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God as a Scientist : Ten Scientific Commandments

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form: Can God be explained by Physical formulas and laws? I think Yes , we can understand God s Nature by Physical formulas and laws. I think God has given to us everything that necessary to understand Him and His Genesis using Physical Laws and Formulas. ===. Scheme. Ten Scientific Commandments: […]

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An intellectually superior position

From the Arguing Atheist feedback form: If someone came and told you that everything you ever held dear, everything you believed in, everything you thought you knew, all your values, all you hopes and aspirations, all your love for wife. kids, family, friends, and society, in fact, the entire foundation of your life – it […]

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Moral sense

From the comment form and private correspondence: I have no reason to doubt that you are a moral person. But your having a moral sense is evidence that God exists. Where else could a moral sense come from? It could not evolve because there are many things (ie. Killing rivals) that are against moral […]

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Mind vs. brain

From the comment form: Given, two things are only identical if they share all the same properties. Given, the mind and the brain do not share the property of self examination. Therefore, the brain is not the mind. If the brain is not the mind, then the mind is independent from the brain. Therefore, […]

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Does free will prove God exists?

From the comment form: “If there is no God everything is purely material, including ourselves. Material things do not make decisions, but respond in determined ways to prior physical events. They do not act, but simply react to prior physical factors. For any particular event there exists a series of prior physical events that […]

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A wide variety of arguments

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form: The universe came into existence at a point in the distant past. Nothing can come into existence, though, unless there is something to bring it into existence; nothing comes from nothing. There must therefore be some being outside of the universe that caused the universe to exist. This argument, if […]

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