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I don’t understand why we are all so naive and confident as to assume that we must and do know everything right here, right now. You all have nice long rants about “Why we are” and “Scientists cannot replicate”: How “evolution fails” and “right from wrong”. Does anyone else (except myself, obviously) believe that we […]

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On Evolution and Jesus

Good evening. I am a Christian who stumbled across your website and began to read the reasons you stated for being an atheist. I have heard these before, and in response to your point of “I think evolution is the best explanation for what we see,” I have several disagreements. Evolution fails to answer the […]

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No Christians for evolution

You are wrong about millions of Christians believing in evolution. Evolution contradicts the Bible and if you believe in evolution you don’t believe in the Bible. If you don’t believe in the Bible then you aren’t a Christian or you’re illiterate. I don’t know if you are just too stupid to see something as obvious […]

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Hate Mail

The only reason people believe in evolution [Darwin worship] is the hatred of GOD to the extent of throwing away what is true before their eyes. Evolutionists are atheists because they fear GOD’s control over their life and want to belive that they are in control so that they can enjoy the animal pleasures of […]

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Change occurs for a reason?

“I don’t see any evidence that change occurs for a reason. Do you have examples?” *cough*Evolution*cough* Evolutionary change does not occur for a reason, at least not when we use “reason” in the sense of a motive, which is what I (and, I believe, the person I was responding to) was doing. Evolutionary change has […]

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December 2007

Hi: I appreciate the positive way in which you provide this forum and also the positive way you interact with those who correspond with you despite the vitriol that many of them display. I don’t believe that true and honest argument can be made either direction when hate and anger are the basis of any […]

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November 2007

Took a while to find but here is a link to the simple experiment for creating organics from inorganics. It seems to the sticking point for many creationists and its easy for any uni or highschool to recreate. Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, the experiment described here has been pretty heavily criticized because it […]

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November 2007

In physics of my freshman year we were taught two separate concepts of the universe. One was exciting, the other wasn’t. Creationism and Big Bang Theory. In creationism the universe… Just was… outta’ the blue, there. In Big Bang Theory: The universe went boom and created everything that was really really cool. Over millions of […]

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October 2007

I a senior in high school in NC. Today in my earth envromental science class my teacher stated that she would be skipping the section in the ciriculum about eveolution “since this isn’t story time.” We would insted be learning “intelegent design therory.” (actully she didn’t say therory) I think I rather politley stated that […]

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October 2007

Give some deep thought to the mind ( not the brain), gravity, spin, orbiting, generation of light, thought and life, the working of dna to mention a few. these are some of the unexplained phenomenae that we know exist but are not yet understood. one must be able to think there are a tremendous number […]

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