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September 2007

IF there is an infinite number of universes, how were they originally created? or how did the first one occur and what was the cause of the rest? about the man and the ape: if both evolved from a common ancestor, when did that division occur? the number of years from that event are the […]

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Hate mail

1. Your blog is a series of sophomoric comments. Are you trying to attract people to atheism or repel them? 2. Your comment about atheism resulting in fewer wars (i.e. killings) than religion is certainly not backed up by the last 100 years of history. Your coreligionists in the old Soviet Union killed over 15 […]

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September 2007

Hi. I just recently found this blog (I think it was through I Am Bored), and it’s realy good. It’s great. It’s simply fantastic. Why? simply because somebody finaly bothers to answer the theists. Religion isn’t bad by itself, but the believers does a lot of weird things. First of all, they (well, many of […]

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July 2007

I like the main page you created, it made me laugh inside. the comments and questions you respond to are either made up, or created by 12 year olds, how a bout debating some real theology, even if this website is a joke, like it appears to be? anyway instead of bitching at you like […]

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February 2007

You propaply get lots of all kinds of mail and I doupt you have the intrest on answering (or reading) pretty much any of them, but I just kind of stumbled on your site and I just got this urge to ask you that how do you suppose life began? and how would you determine […]

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February 2007

Yes, I understand how the second law is no longer in violation. I simply meant that when evolution supposedly first started forming the universe, and when non-living matter first became living, that I do not understand how this (non-living becoming living) can be done if order moves to disorder. Thank you for your reply to […]

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February 2007

I was just thinking that when it was mentioned that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics and you said in response “no, but God does” that you were wrong to start the response with “no.” Whether or not God violates it, evolution still does also.(However, if there is a God then it doesn’t matter […]

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January 2007

I applaud you for pretty much every thing said by you on this site. Very well thought-out and eloquent, or straight to the point as needed. That being said, I can hardly believe how a large number of people go on in life, having ‘faith’ in whatever is conveniently taught to them by their parents, […]

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Hate mail

First of all, your are stupid. You don’t believe in what is real. If you believe in the theory of evolution, then why aren’t monkeys turning into humans now?? God exists and there is nothing you can say to discredit that fact. There is proof everywhere that He exists and if you don’t believe it […]

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