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Hating on a book before reading it

Your stupid “book” is unnecessary for Christians. We don’t have to “ask yourself” to be moral because we ALREADY have a book for that!!! Good luck peddling your atheist blabbering to the other morons. The Bible isn’t exactly a comprehensive moral text. If it were, Christians wouldn’t disagree so significantly on some moral issues.

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Hate Mail

This website is ridiculous and only reflects your close-minded ability to create a website. Congratulations…you’re the a**hole. Constructive criticism is, as always, welcome.

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Hate Mail

I truly love the idea of atheists giveing out tracts. This will make it much easier for me to spot them and when I beat the c**p out of them nobody will mind because it will stop them from handing out their stupid litter-ature.

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Hate Mail

Know how you annoy an atheist? drop him in fire to burn for all eternity. Haw haw!

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Hate mail

God IS real you IDIOT!!! HOW COULD YOU DENY HIM?! ATHEISTS ARE STUPID AND DESERVE TO DIE. You believe in AIR and you cant see THAT!!! Although you make a strong argument, I don’t find it particularly compelling. By the way, if I were to lower myself and respond in kind, I might say: There […]

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Hate male

So far all you’ve proved is that women can’t stop talking.

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Atheist my foot

Dude your a f**king idiot! I’m an atheist because there aren’t any rules, because I don’t believe in anything. You can’t put beliefs behind something centered around not beliving in s**t. I don’t belive in god and his bull***t what the f**k makes you think I’m a buy into yours? Thats right ” I’m a.” […]

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Hate Mail

Who are you voging for? You don’t know s**t so I bet you’re voting for your own a**hole.

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No Christians for evolution

You are wrong about millions of Christians believing in evolution. Evolution contradicts the Bible and if you believe in evolution you don’t believe in the Bible. If you don’t believe in the Bible then you aren’t a Christian or you’re illiterate. I don’t know if you are just too stupid to see something as obvious […]

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Hate Mail

The only reason people believe in evolution [Darwin worship] is the hatred of GOD to the extent of throwing away what is true before their eyes. Evolutionists are atheists because they fear GOD’s control over their life and want to belive that they are in control so that they can enjoy the animal pleasures of […]

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