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No atheism on Facebook

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form: I’ve emailed you before, I don’t know if you remember…but it shows how great the people around me are (at least about religion) when I’m asking for advice from people on the internet that o don’t even know the gender of. The last email was probably better planned out, but […]

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Unanswered prayers and atheism

This message was left as a comment on one of my posts. I replied directly to the poster via e-mail. My 21 year old son is an atheist. We had him in a christian school for four years, we went to church every sunday. When his grandfather died in our driveway on Christmas and my […]

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Undecided about religion

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a sophomore in college, days shy of my 20th birthday. I found your website via StumbleUpon, and I wanted to write to you because I have really begun to have some conflict with my religion. I wasn’t really “raised” anything in articular, since religion was never present in […]

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An atheist hypocrite?

from what i’ve read on here, you really are helpful. i stumbled into this site while searching for the correct definition of an atheist. i think i might be a “weak” atheist? to start off, i was raised in the church (my father was a deacon). like many young children who’ve been brought up in […]

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December 2007

Please set me straight then. Because I just would rather not be here. I’m tired. I know how this looks, re posting my own desperate pitiful comments for someone to notice, but I don’t care. I guess I need someone to notice. First let me make something clear, while I am depressed, and considering a […]

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September 2007

Hello. I guess you could say that I am a recovering protestant. I spent most of my childhood going to church and not really believing any of it. Now that I’m off to college, I feel more free to think about my religious doubt, and to research information on both sides of the table, so […]

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September 2007

hahahaha. honestly, you’re friggin awesome, man. as an athiest myself it makes me delighted to see that you are allowing intellegent conversation to flow between all religious viewing peoples. maybe this world ain’t dead afterall. my mum is a christian and she knows i’m agnostic. but it still doesnt stop her from making me uncomfortable […]

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September 2007

I have an actual useful question now actually. During the past few months I have been becoming increasingly interested in religion, spirituality, atheism etc. and have been trying to work out where I stand in it all (which is how I came across Joseph Campbell). Anyway as my university term has now finished I have […]

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February 2007

I have been raised as a Mormon for 17 years. And only in the past two have I come to reject it. At first it was not conciously done, now I am fully athiest. This has led to inevitable conflict with my family, especially since I still have to go to church and keep up […]

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February 2007

I am a sophomore in high school, and I have been atheist since around sixth or seventh grade, although I didnt really understand why. I guess it seemed to be the intellectual belief, and to be honest, I’m an intellectual person. My arguments basically consisted of “There are many things more likely than the existance […]

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