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perfect viability

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form: perfect viability, perfect ability, intrinsically by necessary logical definition, perfection does exist…phisophilosopy – perfect energy by necessary property… Um, okay.

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A guarantee

From the comment form: Just give it a chance to believe in the Lord and he will change your life! guarnteed Define “give it a chance.” I think I have given religion plenty of chances, and I continue to examine my own views and seriously consider questions of religion on a daily basis. It […]

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dr zakir naik irf president

i ve bcom fan of dr zakir naik irf president coz i think that his answers are scientifically correct but when he switchon to allah, i dont take him in much consideration.. my question iz, do u beleive in his talkz? may b not everythin but still plz put some light on his lectures,his talks.. […]

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Not even an atheist

Don’t believe in a God, but I do not answer to any tag like Atheist. Religion is rather like a hobby or pasttime, except some of those who practise it are so ‘mad’ that they believe they should force their values on the rest of us. If you don’t follow a sport like football are […]

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Does it do good to argue?

I just browsed your site. Very funny stuff. As a Christian, I don’t think it does anyone any good to argue. I think we should let people make up their own minds about things. Great site. I agree that people should be able to make up their own minds. At the same time, I think […]

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What about free will?

I asked a straight forward question about free will and you’re your answer was Blah Blah Blah. If you don’t think that people have free will then why should anyone be responsible for their actions? If I hit you it’s because I had no choice so you can’t blame me. Sure I can. In fact, […]

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What about free will?

If atheism is true and everything is based on cause and effect then how can there be free will? For there to be free will there has to be a soul that isn’t based on natural actions. Free will is an extremely difficult concept, in part because it is so hard to define. Generally, people […]

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Clarification of a burp

The prayer is a half-joke. I really said it and had a feeling, and then burped. If the man claimed that he did it, without duress, then we should use the death penalty. He wants to die, that much is obvious, or he is covering up for someone, which I consider duress if he did […]

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Alternate to the Big Bang

I was reading a book on astronomical phsics, when reading a section about black holes and theoretical matter, i was hit with a much more reasonable creation theory then the big bang.Blackholes have a small area around them that has a force of gravity so great, i can basically, clone particles by ripping them appart […]

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Ignorant Education

The Daily Titan recently ran an editorial about homeschooling that starts by discussing “homeschooling advocates, headed mainly by Christian zealots” and ends with the statement, “Teaching ignorance is child abuse and it’s about time the state stops the practice.” Given that nobody thinks they are teaching their child ignorance, I can only conclude that the […]

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