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Roots of my atheism

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form: Recently I’ve discovered that this feeling I’ve had for as long as I remember has lead me to distinguish myself as an atheist. Before, I thought atheism was as bad as religion in the aspect that it was claiming something definite. (i.e. There is no God) But after years and […]

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God loves me

I am here to tell you that Jesus loves you. Christians are instructed to give the Good News to all…and that includes atheists. I entered a website that said by having done so that meant that I was an atheist. I, of course, am not an atheist. I entered to tell you of God’s love […]

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Why not be against Satan?

okay, i’ll bite. so you know my name and so when you say “I” who are you? for whatever the reason i thought i would just look up a site about atheist and you popped up so i started reading what you wrote. i have to tell you you are very sarcastic which i am […]

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Knowledgeable about religion

I’ve had similar experiences when encountering other religions or really just looking at all of the various different forms of Christianity. Really theres always been an incredibly diverse number of interpretations of the bible. It was actually worse at the beginning of Christianity before the orthodox church. I can’t say I’ve had too many experiences […]

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Questioning atheism

Hi, I’ve browsed through your site and read that ‘favourite letter’ of yours and I am sort of torn, if you like, in several different directions. Firstly, given the nature of this site, my identification should be Catholic Christian and I do take significant comfort in my beliefs. I am very strong in my faith […]

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December 2007

Comment: Hey, I was surfing the web and stumbled across your site. I am a Christian and extremely happy to be one. I have read several comments on the different topics listed. I actually want to commend you on answering the hatred emails with respect and decency. Letters from Christains like that give the rest […]

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December 2007

I was directed to your website by one of my friends who upon reading this site told me that he thought I could have written. In all honesty I couldn’t say that I disagreed with him too much. After reading through a fair amount of your site, I really haven’t found myself disagreeing with you […]

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November 2007

why do you waste your valuable time talking to these people? You are obviously an intelligent person…can’t you see that you are wasting your life…no argument can overcome them: their belief is not founded on logic..therefore logic is wasted on them, when no evidence is required any argument can be countered by any rubbish. I […]

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November 2007

I’m not sending hate mail or anything. I would just like a chance to talk. I don’t have all the answers and I am not perfect, but I never claim to be. One of the biggest reasons (that I have been told) people don’t believe in the Bible/God is because “Christians” are often terrible representatives. […]

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September 2007

In reading your replies, I cannot make out your belief system or your method of reasoning. how do you think the universe occured? how do you think the universe could exist if there was not certainty in physical systems? if you are aware of the structure of the universe, where could a heaven be located? […]

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