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Religion and voting

I must admit that religion does make a difference in how I view a candidate. If a candidate makes an issue of being proud of his religious beliefs, then I will take that as prima facie evidence of thinking based in delusion. That automatically disqualifies that person from even being near the Oval Office. Are […]

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Religion and politics

I couldn t wait for 2008, and according to the current administration s approval ratings, it seems I don t share these feelings in isolation. We can all remember vividly, the night, and the ensuing day — seemingly the dreariest day in America since September 11th, 2001 — the day that Mr. Bush was re-elected […]

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November 2007

The hate mail is a riot! It’s also a bit depressing/sad. But seriously, it’s always a lift when I find a site like yours where I can escape for a little while. I don’t live in Kansas (apologies to Kansas’ non-theists), but it’s still pretty bad here in Huntington Beach. Here’s hoping for at least […]

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