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16 Things Atheists Need Christians to Know

For the first time ever, I’ve posted a “guest essay” to the IAmAnAtheist web site. 16 Things Atheists Need Christians to Know is an entertaining little rant that I’m hoping cranky atheists will find cathartic. I thought it was enjoyable, and I’m sure that the fact that I’m related to the author in no way […]

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February 2007

Perhaps the argument that there is or is not an actual god is somewhat misplaced. God is most often placed in the minds of men as a substitute for the fear and lack of understanding brought on my things we do not understand. It also is a banding of the brotherhood of those too stupid […]

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January 2007

Sheesh. I can point out a few discrepancies in that correspondence with the ‘Young Girl’. She obviously has no working knowledge of science, and is still trying to bring it in. Albert Einstein never said ‘every action has an equal and/or opposite reaction’. Newton did. And it’s not and/or it is and. Also, opposite reaction […]

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January 2007

OK, let me tell you that after much time in trying to find out what is going wrong with the USA, and I think I found out… GOD!!! o yes he is sinking this country, we have a president who believes in creation, everybody thanks god, and thanks to god, there is a holly war […]

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