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Prevalent belief, no surprise

I just recently heard something on a podcast that made me think, it really is no surprise that belief is so prevalent. The person said that when he was young he tried believing “like everyone around him did”. I must say that even I as a 2nd generation atheist in a country that is really […]

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December 2007

I would say that the evils we have seen in our society were because of a “religious mindset” created by organised religion itself. We have bastardised religion and the things it stands for – it is no longer (And hasn’t been for a very long time) the teaching of morality, happiness and tolerance. Instead, key […]

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September 2007

I have just become an atheist. I eventually realized all the gaps in Christianity, and faith in general. I feel very free now as a result of not living in fear of being punished for “thought crimes” such as not buying into things which have no logical proof. A theologist professor said “Absence of evidence […]

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