The Iliad: a parable

Joey was eleven and very precocious for his age. He loved to read more than anything, and gladly spent afternoons and evenings with his nose stuck in a book. One day, soon after Joey had finished reading the Iliad, he and his mother were driving in the car. “Mom?” Joey said. “If I ever have […]

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Self Defense: a parable

Sarah was on her lunch break, enjoying the sunshine as she sat at a table in the park, reading a novel. Right in the middle of a particularly enjoyable paragraph, she was interrupted by a young man. “Excuse me,” he said with a perfect smile. “My name is Hank. I’d like to give you this.” […]

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The Pirate King: a parable

Constance had a small shipping business, delivering food and clothing at charitable prices to people all over the world in her private boat. Being a realist, Constance knew that because of where she sailed and the amount of time she spent on the water, it was only a matter of time before she was confronted […]

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