Atheism bingo

Evidence Only through Jesus Science can't explain ____ Who would die
for a lie?
A Big Banger
Prove God doesn't exist Eternal punishment Pray for you Death-bed conversion Exists necessarily
____ exists
but you
can't see it
A stone
He can't lift
Dawkins How can
you say...?
Denying God
The ignorant going to Hell Moral atheists Hitler Evil atheistic governments The problem
of evil
Who made your conscience? Why do you care what I believe? Ignorance Russell's teapot Human soul

Atheism Bingo Rules

  1. Print out this bingo card. If there are multiple players, print out additional pages from (refresh the page to generate new cards).
  2. Wander around until you come upon a Christian and an atheist debating about atheism.
  3. Whenever one of the terms or topics listed on the board is discussed by either side of the debate, mark it off.
  4. If you are able to mark off five squares in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (or, for advanced players, all the squares) you win!
  5. Take your winning card to the nearest participating philosophy bookstore, house of worship, street preacher, or skeptic's club meeting to claim your prize!